Festival and Live Performance Videography

Professional Festival Videographers in Somerset and Beyond

Festivals in the UK are becoming more popular and widespread each year. In a quickly saturating market, how is your festival going to stand out from the crowd? If you are a festival organiser looking to sell more tickets, or just increase awareness of your incredible weekend of fun, you should certainly consider having a promotional video made.

Our style is down-to-earth, natural and relaxed – and that shows in our sunny, bright and fun final product.

Getting Involved

As regular festival goers ourselves, we are not afraid to get stuck in for multiple day (and night!) shoots to capture each and every little detail of the fest. Typically, we will unobtrusively shoot the various entertainment, live music, food and other vendors to really capture the ‘feel’ of the event.

We feel strongly about capturing the voices of your festival goers, and those who keep the festival running – and will go out of our way (with sensitivity of course) to capture interviews and positive opinions of the event.

Social Media Festival Films

Social media is probably a festival organiser’s most powerful tool. Our festival videos are edited down to various lengths – from 30 seconds, to several minutes – to suit the platform’s need for quick, bitesize chunks of information. We will render the final products in formats suitable to your required social media platform.


We are based in Somerset but often travel to festivals across the country in areas such as Essex, East Sussex, Cambridge, and even international events such as our time in the Caribbean in Montserrat for the region’s first African Music Festival.