Theatre Promo Videos

Video and Editing For Theatre Promotional Films and Trailers

Boost the outreach of your theatre piece and provide a professional trailer to theatre programmers as part of a more rounded marketing campaign for your show.

We can use our 10+ years of experience filming theatre to devise a short video that tells the story of your piece.

Our social media friendly formats mean that you can push it out to your followers across Facebook, Twitter and the like – venues and promoters love to use video as it’s so easy to share and accessible.

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Our Style

Our simple, natural approach to videography means that we can tell your story effectively and show the audience what they might expect when they book your show or come to see it!

Theatre Promo videos


Each and every theatre piece is different – and so are their promotional videos. We can shoot a cost effective piece where we just film a few clips from your performance and edit this together with some titles, or we can get more involved and provide a video of the entire performance with a more elaborate trailer.

The Process

We’re open to any ideas you might have, but typically we shoot our theatre promotional trailers in a theatre space to take advantage of the pre-existing lighting setups, costume, props etc. If you have a dress or tech rehearsal that we can attend that’s ideal too.

We tend to shoot either the entire performance with multiple cameras, or, for a slightly cheaper package, you can just choose key moments from the performance to film.

Typically filming would last for 3-4 hours.

We would then get on with the edit, and you will be able to preview a draft and suggest a round of changes.